Why do I need a NACS certified Chimney Sweep?

Most Home Insurance companies will now require you to prove your chimney is being regularly maintained by a certified Chimney Sweep in the event of a related claim, in order to fulfil their underwriting requirements. Landlords for private homes and public buildings are also required to maintain any installation for space heating; this includes any fuel burning appliance or open fire.

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps is the UK’s national trade association in the industry and is exclusively recommended by all major fuel organisations such as British Gas, HETAS and many more. As a result, the training and professionalism provided by a NACS Certified sweep is second to none. Being a Certified Member of NACS also means I work strictly to the NACS Code of Conduct and Code of Practice. Details of these can be found on the Associations website – www.nacs.org.uk

I want to open up my fireplace, can this be done?

Any existing chimney brought back into back into use must conform to the current building regulations since the introduction of the new building regulations ‘Document J2002’. This should only be done by a competent tradesman otherwise; it may affect the safe working of the chimney, flue or appliance. This can usually be done quite simply depending on the type of property. Please contact me if you have any queries and I will be happy to provide a free quotation.

Do you make a mess?

We are generally extremely clean and tidy. With the advanced technology and Rodtech Power Brushes we use, your Chimney will be left cleaner and much safer. On occasions we may find obstructions such as birds’ nests, fallen masonry or other obstacles lodged inside the flue. Should this occur, we will discuss our best course of action with you prior to removal and we will highlight any potential for mess. We will always aim to be as clean and tidy as possible regardless of what we find. Although there is always a risk of obstruction, a Chimney that is regularly swept by a professional is less likely to house large birds’ nests.

When should I get my Chimney Cleaned?

All Chimneys should be professionally swept at least once a year. Depending on the type of fuel burnt and the frequency of use, you may need to have your Chimney swept more frequently. Burning paper/junk mail frequently will also increase the need for cleaning.

Oil, Gas and Smokeless Coal – at least once a year

Wood – Every quarter (when in use)

Bitumous Coal – at least twice a year

Do I need a Cowl?

Not necessarily but it is advisable. Some chimneys do require an anti-down draught or a spinning cowl to help them work correctly. The main reason for fitting a cowl is to stop birds and squirrels from nesting and entering your house via the flue which is extremely common with unprotected Chimneys.

Why should I cap my unused chimney?

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) recommends disused chimneys should be capped off at the top with a ventilated cap.

Where a disused chimney is left uncapped, it is open to the elements which annually, deposit several feet of water down the average chimney. This can give rise to damp stains appearing internally and over time it contributes to steady internal deterioration of the fabric of the stack.

Blockage of the chimney by nesting rooks will not stop the rain getting in but it will tend to trap the moisture in the chimney by blocking ventilation and preventing the moisture from drying out. Nesting birds will also leave a very unhygienic mess which will be hard to clear once established